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Software Solutions

Customers need data collection systems that are easy to install and configure without months of coding to make easy changes. We are able to provide systems tailor made to the customer’s environment with standard reports used to report information to all areas of the business units that can be used to make critical business decisions. These systems are built using a development framework used to create applications other application for all areas of the business (Finance, HR, Logistics and Manufacturing).

Networking is the glue that holds manufacturing systems and other systems in the business together. Without a properly installed and configured network systems are destine to fail. We are able to install and configure networks that are able to talk and isolate network traffic from the manufacturing area safely without compromising security.

Most manufacturing environments are becoming more and more sophisticated by using technologies that were not in the manufacturing arena just a few years ago but are required today. The technologies require databases and networks connect to the manufacturing floor to operate, collect and drive business processes.

Many of the data collection systems today require databases to store data to allow all areas of the business to analysis data to improve productivity streamline processes and make day-to-day decisions as well as long term strategic decisions. Most companies do not have the internal skill sets required to manage databases without significant downtime. Managing these databases can make a difference between making production target and losing customers.  We have skilled individuals with years of database support, monitoring and migration skills so that customers can sleep at night without worries about lost production.