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In Process Part Tracking

  • Telesis DPM TMC470 Integration
  • Telesis Laser Applications
  • RFID (Balluff or Omron)
  • Laser Printers
  • Data Networking to SQL or Oracle Database
  • Data Manipulated and Queried using ConXons
  • 2D Codes read using Omron or Cognex Barcode Readers (Machine Levels)
  • 2D Codes can also be read using an IPad Application networked with our available Application
  • Barcode Reading can be 100% Automated
  • Process Control can be assured using this process
  • Process Control can be verified prior to shipping by scanning the database and checking for missing operations


Cycle Time Reduction

  • Establish Production Volume Requirements
  • Bottleneck Process Analysis Auditing
  • Design Cost Effective Solution & Implement

Results Driven from Cycle Time Reduction

  • Production Volume Required to meet a 68s Takt Time
  • 17 of 108 machines audited, exceeded this requirement by 6s
  • Cost effective solutions implemented and proven in 3 week time frame
  • Parallel Streams have also been used to allow processes to meet volume requirements


Engineering Solutions